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Product Toyobo


Pioneer of water washable plate

Toyobo as the pioneer of water wash plate started to sale of Printight® for letterpress printing in 1977. Printight® has best reproduction, sharp and fine line, extremely accuracy of plate thickness, resistance of printing. In 1992, we started to sale of Cosmolight® is the world's first water plate for flexo-printing which is also durable to water based ink, as well as solvent based, and UV-inks. We have been leading the letter press printing as the pioneer of water-wash photo-sensitive nylon printing plate.

Super Fine Printing CTP (Computer to Plate)

Toyobo CTP products are the first water-wash CTP plates in the world. CTP technology enables digital images to be depicted through an IR laser head directly from the computer to our unique mask-layer. So, they are solvent-free in the plate making process, toxic-free for the operator.

Total Product network. Covering from R & D to Production, distribution

Total product network has been globally developed as a Toyobo's unique network. This network can cover the establishment of information collection and marketing research structure that are indispensable for advanced new products development. In addition, this network can develop efficient production system from R&D to production in order to respond to customers' needs.

Research & Development

To respond to higher and wider needs and to the requirements from the customers on the photopolymer technique, Toyobo is always executing fundamental researches, analyses, pilot productions and production tests.

Production & Quality Control

For production of the photopolymer materials in quality, it requires clean room under no dust and fixed control of temperature and humidity. Toyobo is effecting such quality control from the choice of raw materials to the final products. Toyobo is obtaining customers' trust and approval based on keeping the stable supply and quality.

Quality is the corner stone of all that we do at REPRO PLATE PROCESS

We spare no effort to ensure complete customer satisfaction