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Product SRH


Exceptional quality for challenging graphic requirements

Kodak Flexcel SRH Flexographic Plates are premium, highdurometer photopolymer plates that provide first-class quality on challenging jobs that have fine halftone line screen reproduction and solid printing requirements. Flexcel SRH Plates provide excellent ink transfer, resulting in brilliant printing results—outstanding solid ink coverage, clean highlights and superb halftone resolution.
You can accurately reproduce the sharpest image detail, including reverse printing, with Flexcel SRH Plates, which range in hardness from 59–73° Shore A. The unique plate surface provides smoothness for uniform ink transfer, resilience for high press speeds and expanded durability for consistency throughout the press run and on reruns.

Maximum Versatility

Flexcel SRH Plates are designed to print on a wide variety of substrates, including flexible packaging, foil, film, paper, plastic bags, labels and envelopes. Because the plates are compatible with a wide variety of inks, including water-based, solventbased, UV-cured and cationic inks, Flexcel SRH Plates are ideal for any job.

Speed and ease of use

Flexcel SRH Plates offer a wide exposure latitude with short drying times, necessary to meet your demanding print quality requirements and production schedules. In addition, the plates are easy to mount and are highly resistant to ozone, wear and abrasion, so you realize increased productivity and enhanced print quality.

Complete solution for packaging

Kodak offers a full range of dependable products for packaging print operations. The Kodak Flexcel SRX System joins Kodak’s portfolio of prepress, lithographic and proofing products for packaging. You can experience the benefits of an efficient, complete system from one supplier and realize consistent results, not only from run to run, but also from location to location, anywhere in the world.

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